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11 February 2009 @ 10:38 am
Have you noticed that we admire the beauty of animals much more than human? (And note, they don't do make-up and silicone!) Many people like newborns, but puppies and kittens love all!
So we couldn't get past the charm of animals too and started to make... pet portraits by airbrush technique!

pix under hereCollapse )

So who is interested to get portrait of his fluffy/toothy one (or portrait of himself with a pet) - give me a note ;)
31 January 2009 @ 03:04 pm
I decided to crosspost this from my own journal because I like this community, and don't want to see it abandoned.

Enjoy!! :-)


My mind sometimes uses a creative way to wake me from a sound sleep. On days when I need to get up at a specific time, (or sometimes even when I just have a full bladder) my mind will insert a sound into my dreams that will arouse me to an awake state. Usually it is the sound of the doorbell or telephone ringing. It can seem VERY real in my dreams. I have woken up this way, and actually answered the phone, thinking it was ringing!!! This morning, my mind created the sound of Adam barking at me in his 'I want to go out' voice. ~That did the job! I got up to find Adam sound asleep.

I thought I would share a few more Adam stories.

This is Adam playing 'keep away' with my hammer a few years ago.

This morning, I was sitting at the computer and Mark was watching TV in his room. I yelled over to him: "Hey, isn't the Superbowl on tomorrow?" As soon as I said that, Adam came tearing into the room and jumped up on me, all excited. At first I couldn't understand why Adam would be so excited, ...it's not as if he is a football fan. LOL

Then it occurred to me, it was the word 'bowl' that got him all excited. He probably thought he was going to get fed!!

Adam LOVES his stainless steel food bowl. If we leave it on the floor after he eats, he will carry it around from room to room, or play with it, batting it around with his paws. The racket is usually enough that we have to take it away from him until his next meal.

If we don't take it away, sooner or later something else distracts him, and he leaves his bowl lying somewhere in the house or yard. Then, when dinner time comes, I have to say to him: "Adam, where's your bowl?" or "Adam, go get your bowl." He then goes running around looking for it, and brings it to me so he can get fed.

Like most Labs, Adam is obsessed with food. His favorite is dog biscuits, which he knows as 'cookies.' You can not say the word 'cookie' around Adam without him getting all excited. For years, I have kept the cookies in a green enamelware pot on top of the stove, where it is well out of his reach. Over the years he has developed a routine where he gets my attention, lures me into the kitchen (sometimes on the pretext of needing to go out), then looks back and forth between me and the green pot on the stove, excitedly barking until I give him a cookie.

Last Winter when we were renovating the kitchen, we had to move everything out into the dining room to install a new vinyl floor. Once the new floor was installed, before we could move the stove or anything else back in, Adam did his usual routine of luring me into the kitchen. I played along. He excitedly went to a spot in front of where the stove used to sit, and looked up to the spot where the cookie pot would usually be. He then did his routine, looking back and forth between me and the imaginary cookie pot, barking!!


I went to the dining room and got him some cookies.

I my dog!!!
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30 October 2008 @ 12:52 pm
since i've been getting back into this whole lj thing semi-regularly again i had to post some more pictures of my dogs. they had a good time playing in some leaves this morning and these pictures are the results. there are about a dozen of them, fyi.

this is x-posted all over the place. i'm sorry about that. :)

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19 September 2008 @ 10:31 am
Riley's recently taken to leaving his nose on the ground while we walk. He's never been like this before, which is weird. I'm not sure if this is a new habit, a phase or just because the weather has changed a bit and things smell different now? What I do know is that it's highly annoying because he drags on the leash and makes walks very, very difficult. Kind of like pulling a 100 pound lab, in fact! Has anyone experience this? Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can quickly curb this. I've tried the treat method - while we're walking I have a treat in my hand which he has to follow, but I'm not sure if that's really going to do any good or not. TIA!
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31 July 2008 @ 12:25 am
Well, after I got home from a long twelve hour day, I let my dog out to pee and she got sprayed by a skunk. This is the first time I've ever had to deal with this, and I'm not exactly sure what to do.

I already bathed her in the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and soap mixture. Is there anything else I should/can do? Can anyone recommend anything that will get rid of the smell? Also, she got sprayed in the face and I'm concerned about her eyes. Is there any special thing I should be doing to rinse her eyes?-- I obviously kept the hydrogen peroxide mixture away from her eyes, so the area hasn't really been cleaned much.

She still stinks and the house is barely tolerable, and I'd rather not have it linger for a month like some people have hinted at in other forums. :( Thanks for any help.
14 July 2008 @ 06:05 pm
Hi quick question.......my lab Jack is around 5-6 years old (I have to guess b/c we really don't know how old he is) and we have finally gotten around to making an appt for him to get neutered. What will I need to expect? I've never had to get an animal spayed/neutered before. I hear it may be harder on him since he is older? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. A couple pics of mr Jack are behind HERE.Collapse )
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10 July 2008 @ 12:07 am
I have never had a lab before that I raised from puppyhood. But now my Maggie Mae turned 3 and she is starting to get a bit of a 'frosty' muzzle. She is very active and healthy, so why would she be getting the white hairs already?
Sick Goldfish - Step One, Prevention, Step Two, Monitor, Step Three, Know What Action If Needed
 by: Mark Sturge
There are times in every parent's life when his or her child, pet, or goldfish gets sick. Goldfish are prone to many ailments, and even the most common ones can be life threatening. Prevention and monitoring your fish are the best ways to keep your pet from contracting a disease.
Being the good parent that you are, you have probably studied and memorized the normal movements and behaviors of your goldfish. If Goldie happens to become ill, look for signs that differ for their normal swimming patterns.
If your fish is shaking, hiding in corners and isolated places, gasping for breath near the surface of the tank, has his fins pressed together in a clamped fashion or demonstrates any other strange behaviors, it might be a good indicator that he's coming down with an illness. Once you've noticed these odd actions, take a closer look at your fish and see if there are discolorations or markings on his body.
Fish with certain parasites might have red and inflamed areas, sometimes around the gills, or might have swollen blood bumps on eir bodies. Check for damaged fins, cloudy eyes and bumps or blisters that appear on the scales.
There are many common goldfish ailments that can be identified by examining your pet's physical appearance. Once you have identified that there is definitely something wrong with your goldfish, it is a good idea to isolate him from your other fish in a hospital tank.
The hospital tank is prepared in advance and made to match the current environment of your fish, so that he won't go into shock. If the ailment turns out to be contagious, it's not a bad idea to treat your other fish as well as the sick one.
Unfortunately, some fish, no matter how hard you try, do not overcome their illness and continue to suffer until they pass away. Many people do not like to see their fish in constant pain and fell that euthanasia is appropriate. There are many methods out there for ending the life of a goldfish, so be sure to choose one that does not cause your fish even more pain.
While there are plenty of goldfish illnesses, there are just as many ways to treat them. Prevention and care is the best medicine for keeping your goldfish buddy in tiptop shape.

Good link Hot Birds Need A Bird Bath
11 June 2008 @ 03:11 am
How To Get Rid Of Fleas
 by: Clint Pollard
If you own a pet you will have fleas in the house from time to time. In some cases you may become infested with fleas. We have had as many as four cats at our house and we have been infested with fleas a few times. We only have two cats now so it is not as bad, but we still have to use the process I am about to tell you about.
You really don't have any control if your pet goes out of your yard, but you will need to spray your own yard about two times during the summer months with a good flea insecticide. If you kill all the fleas in your house with out killing the little pest in the yard you will continue to have a problem inside.
One of the main reasons a house will become infested with fleas is, after you vaccum your house and put the vaccum away, every flea that was in the vaccum bag will crawl right back out of the vaccum cleaner and into the house and start multiplying.
The way to stop this is to take the bag out, spray some flea insecticide in the bag and tape the hole of the bag up. Then spray the insecticide around the house. If you will repeat this process every two or three days for two weeks you will not be infested with fleas any more.
You can resume your normal schedule of vaccuming after you clear up the infestation, but you will still need to tape the vaccum bag up just in case you pet brings a couple of fleas in from outside.

If you know Hot Birds Need A Bird Bath